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Ethereum Classic Website
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Ethereum Classic Web

Thanks for supporting Ethereum Classic!

This app is written in gatsby (React & ES6) and generates static HTML to be served by github pages.


Please checkout the source branch for making updates

Do not directly modify master branch; it is for serving the compiled static html only

Add content to the site

Create a copy of the website code on your Github account:
  1. Create a account
  2. Visit
  3. Click on "Fork" button in upper right
Set up git on your computer

If git is not installed on your computer please follow this guide.

To set up your name and email in Git:

git config --global "<your email goes here>"
git config --global "<your name goes here>"
Making changes

To upload a new Markdown file:

git clone<your Github username>/
git checkout source

Add MD file under pages/blog. Rename your MD file to have YYYY-MM-DD-{your-title-goes-here}.md format. Add correct header to MD file as follows:

title: "<your title goes here>"
date: <date, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD>
author: <your name goes here>

When you are done making changes, commit them to git.

git add <your MD file goes here>
git commit -m "Added a blog post about {your topic}"
git push origin source
Proposing your changes on GitHub

To create a pull request to notify ETC website maintainers of your file:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Compare & pull request" in upper right
  3. Add description to form
  4. Click the "Create pull request" in middle right

Where to add content?

  • Blog Posts: Just add a new markdown file in /pages/blog similar to this
  • Press Articles: Add a new item to the top of the list in /contents/press.yaml
  • Fork Timeline: As time goes by, drama unfolds, and the timeline needs to be updated. This can be edited in components/home/fork-timeline.js. Get icon refs from font awesome
  • Advanced Editing: The whole app is written in react, you can modify the layout of the landing page and drill down into components from /pages/index.js
  • Future Editing: Soon we'll have multiple pages, watch this space for more info

Develop site

  1. Fork this repo into your own Github account
  2. Clone your fork locally, checkout source
  3. Make sure you have NodeJS installed
  4. npm install
  5. npm start


Building manually isn't required, but you may wish to do so before pushing to ensure everything looks as you'd expect.

Run npm run build, and open up /public/index.html with a static web server.


Simply push changes to the source branch and Travis CI will handle the rest rest.

You can also manually deploy (not recommended) by pushing to the master branch:

  1. npm run build-prefix-links
  2. Copy contents of /public (move it)
  3. Checkout master
  4. Replace contents of master with /public
  5. Push


Everything that's not already copyrighted is licensed under CC0 (for graphics) and [TBD ULTRA-OPEN PUBLIC DOMAIN LICENSE].

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