A robust and feather-light code to hedge the risk of your crypto currency portfolio
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Ethereum High

Creating opportunity for a sound and diversified portfolio

ICO starts on 20th November at 12am UTC

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Ethereum High (HIG) is a new coin based on a robust and feather-light Ethereum smart contract designed to hedge the risk of crypto currency portfolios Ethereum High was established out of the collective ambition of Bitcoin enthusiasts and seasoned investors. Our goal is to help cryptocurrency investors value their investment by hedging their crypto currencies' portfolio. We provide a robust and feather-light code which brings a reliable solution for the mitigation of risks. Ethereum High Token has the ambition to become one of the essential components of a sound and diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.

Token & ICO Parameters

Ethereum High token symbol: HIG Ethereum High supply is limited to 100,000,000 units to ensure sufficient volume for hedging purposes. ICO will be open from 20th November to 24th December 2017 Ethereum High will be released in a currency sale at the price of 0.01 Ether (ETH) per High Token (HIG), a mechanism intended to provide the High crypto currency with an initial value on the market. The number of token to be sold during the ICO is unlimited The High (HIG) token price will remain stable during the whole Initial Coin Offering period unlike unreliable token offered currently on the market.

Our Vision

Our development team has tailored the underlying smart contract of Ethereum High Token with the purity of simplicity in mind. Going further of Ethereum High’s aforementioned core features, we crafted this token for the general public with a vision for the future.

Ethereum High is a safe place to invest assets. Ethereum High Token has the ambition to become one of the essential components of a sound and diversified portfolio. Internal factors, be it its robust and feather-light code, combined with external factors, be they the context of its creation and fast evolving environment, cumulate to render Ethereum High a sound value proposition.

The parameters of Ethereum High’s smart contract are set to answer to a simple yet strong portfolio strategy that was set up by a team of seasoned investors on the FIAT markets. Simply put, in lieu of a complex Coin, with numerous parameters that each increases the level of a wide array of risks : failure to comply, failure to finish, failure to protect, Ethereum High will instead concentrate its sole reason of being to diversify those risks.

Ethereum High’s aim is to provide to new entrants with a first step investment on their journey to valuation. We have set parameters to allow a vast amount of units of the currency to be traded, with a set in advance limit. Simply put, this limitation reduces the risk of inflation of the currency and is an essential component of its value. Its valuation, that will evolve with time, derives from this vast but limited supply and its corollary demand.

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Project timeline

2016 Q4: In-depth research on cryptocurrency and traditional online payment system & alternative payment solution. Initial concept development 2017 June - July: Project envision, consultation with key informants and core parameters development. Team finalisation. 2017 August - October: Market assessment including comparative analysis and Ethereum High token code development 2017 November - December: Initial Coin Offering and promotion, Token diffusion and promotion, Social Media Campaign 2018 Q1: Project review and development of new smart contracts based on Ethereum High post-project review findings 2018 Q2: Implementation of new smart contracts