Accept Ethereum on your WooCommerce Wordpress website with simple QR codes and native order management.
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Ethereum POS WooCommerce Plugin

See the example wordpress site EthereumPOS WooCommerce Store using Ropsten Testnet.

Download Latest Version: EthereumPOS WooCommerce Plugin

A WooCommerce plugin to allow your Wordpress to start accepting Ethereum payments via You first need to register on to get the API keys. Once you have your API keys you can begin accepting Ethereum in the Testnet (Ropsten) and Mainnet.

Simple QR Code Payments

Basic Configuration

Order Updates for Customer

Todo Features and Fixes

  • Use store currency to convert ETH amount (not just USD)
  • Auto complete order option for purchase
  • Redirect customer to order page after 'PAID' is triggered
  • Include ethereum transaction ID in order meta tags.
  • Make customer notes hyperlinks for the ethereum transactions.
  • Include current ETH value in order meta tags