@dweb2019 dweb2019 released this Feb 11, 2019

Ethereum ProgPoW version 1.8.23 Release Notes


This release includes full support of ProgPoW ethash extension mining algorithm based on 1.8.22 release of Go-Ethereum ( Known as Geth ).

Note that currently supported OS is only Linux, other distributions may be able to compile from source code, however running of software is not guaranteed by our development team.

Also, this release is for service providers like mining pools and exchanges who require mission-critical blockchain architecture for Ethereum ProgPoW chain; individual users are strongly discouraged to use the software.

Please contact your wallet service providers to receive tokens that remain on the blockchain before forking block height; we will not provide direct support for individual users about claiming forked assets ( and we will not run wallet interface for Ethereum ProgPoW, please read our blog post about airdrop & hardfork policy ).

List of changes

  • ProgPoW support merged on 1.8.22 release codebase.
  • ProgPoW hardfork block enabled on 7,280,000.
  • Both Constantinople & Constantinoplefix disabled for mainnet.
  • Fully tested on Ubuntu 16.04 runtime ( RPC set, Sealing blocks, other QAs from ProgPoW Testnet ) - ( by QA engineering team ).

Please contact info@ethereumprogpow.com for direct support of Ethereum ProgPoW software.

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