@splix splix released this Mar 9, 2017 · 1748 commits to master since this release

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It's a cleanup release, we're working towards our new vision of the project

  • refactoring and dead code removal
  • improved peer discovery, and added new bootnodes
  • JIT VM was removed


SHA 256
cc58d32320b4ba4cc420dd6dc7440a66ab7aa6cb58cf714f983a3ff954121057  geth-classic-linux-v3.3.0-1-gdd95f05.zip
abc07a8cc89bbb561251c7421d893b2eed1f1865a14e933144c6a935505299c5  geth-classic-osx-v3.3.0-1-gdd95f05.zip
c7cdbbcbb9edf51507ac35020e3abea5c99154a77569aee0e204c4ad8d6e97ce  geth-classic-win64-v3.3.0-1-gdd95f055.zip