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This release contains a version of geth 1.4.10 specifically developed to work on the Ethereum Classic network. Without any flags, choices or additional setup you can use the Ethereum Classic network, with every feature working with ETC data.

ETC Mist Wallet currently has working conversions and easy access to Shapeshift.io's Shifty API. Revenue is generated through use of the Shifty API, revenue from this feature are currently collected by @whatisgravity (Shifty referral rewards address 1NxwU6dqeT77kFHwg7wwZLSsk9QGJ6djyr). Any revenue fees will be handed over to the community development initiative.

This is a test pre-release, the OSX application is not signed because our organization does not yet have a key and the windows builds are not thoroughly tested. If the release is successful, signed Mist Browser builds will be released alongside a Mist Wallet release with enhanced security.

Please report any issues, and provide detailed information to make it easier for us to reproduce and resolve any issues quickly. Improved build scripts and in depth Linux build instructions are in the process of being edited for release. Please be specific and submit pull requests with reasoning when possible.

Edit OSX binary updated, still not yet signed, so requires third party applications enabled. Please report any errors, this is still a pre-release test build.

Release Status Comment
Linux Working One reported issue
OSX Working, not signed Sign binary with new key
Windows 32-bit Working Review gulp script and review issues
Windows 64-bit Working Review gulp script and review issues