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Ethereum Classic development is actively underway by a decentralized community development initiative run by volunteers. It is an open organization where people are judged solely on the quality of their contributions.

Are you interested in volunteering your time to help the development of Ethereum Classic? Post in the issues section, tell us about yourself and we will try to help you find a place you can contribute to Ethereum Classic development.





Server, channel #etc-dev




I propose that we operate our development in a similar fashion to the Angel volunteer system found at CCC events. Existing volunteers will do their best to help new volunteers, but there is no strict leadership hierarchy. Instead of a chain of command, I propose that we operate on a merit system where you are judged only on your code & discussion contributions, not your age, race, gender, sex, nationality or anything else, just on what you contribute. You do not even need to own any Ethereum classic, if you have a good idea or a well reasoned contribution, that is all that matters.

If you see anything that needs to be fixed and you are capable, please feel free to fix it, create a local fork, make the change and submit a pull request. Everyone is currently working in a volunteer capacity, the fastest way to enact changes is to create pull requests.

If you would like to make fundamental changes to the system, please consult with your peers, have them review your code, and make sure we have consensus. If the issue is contentious we should work to include the input of the wider community.

Any donations received will be fairly distributed among active volunteers.


Our primary priority is maintaining existing clients currently maintained by the ICO backed Ethereum Foundation with the DAO hard fork code removed to ensure easy access to the original/classic Ethereum network. We do this by keeping up with upstream patches for every major client and provide an alternative which does not require the user to use a special flag to run a node on the original/classic Ethereum network.

As more people volunteer, we can shift our focus, begin to close issues shared by both ourselves and the upstream developers. In my opinion, we should first start with restoration and access to the original/classic Ethereum network and then focus on security oriented updates while the growing developer community discusses and builds a roadmap for future updates to the system and which clients and projects we should support with community development.


A wide variety of projects need assistance, regardless of your experience, if you are interested, please feel free to volunteer! A diversity of perspectives is important and anything you don't yet know, you can learn over time.

Ethereum Classic Core Projects

Build Server (TeamCity)

Process of client restoration


Go language implementation of the original/classic design of the Ethereum protocol. Go-ethereum is currently restored and under active development, other clients are in the restoration process or require volunteers to contribute to their restoration.

Development builds

Contacts: IRC Server, channel #etc-dev

Bomb Defusal

ECIP-1010 Delay Difficulty Bomb Explosion -

Related issues:

Mist browser & wallet

Mist wallet associated projects:

Classic Ethereum Dapp UI Components - Javascript and CSS UI components to build Dapps for Ethereum Classic.

Looking for developers, testers, designers and doc writers.

Associated Projects

Working on a project using ETC and looking for collaborators? Feel free to add it to this list.

Blockchain Explorer - In response to none of the existing major Ethereum blockchain explorers being open source, as a community we have decided to develop a quality open source block chain explorer. Providing an open source solution which allows for easy verification of contracts supports increased contract complexity within the ecosystem.

Social Fork Analysis - A citizen journalism project doing social network analysis with the goal of creating an easy to use data set for journalists and researchers.

Volunteers' GPG Keys - GPG keys of volunteers on the Ethereum Classic project


Information regarding the community development initiative, learn how to volunteer and contribute to the decentralized development effort.



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