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etherrape port towards IPv6
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About Ethersex

Ethersex, originally developed to provide an alternative firmware for the etherrape hardware, evolved into a full-featured still light-weight firmware for the Atmel megaAVR processors.
For more information and a comprehensive documentation consult!

How to configure the firmware

Make sure that you meet the requirements.
Use make menuconfig to configure and make to compile the firmware. The final hex file is named ethersex.hex.

See the Quick Start Guide in the wiki for more information

How to add a new hardware pinning

Use the script at scripts/add-hardware to add a new pinning.

Used 3rd party software

This program contains software by other authors:


All ethersex related code is licensed under GPLv3, unless otherwise noted. See COPYING in the main directory, but in doubt check the file header. Usually every file contains a header, stating all contributing authors and the specific license used.

Various make targets

  • make show-config -- Shows the activated modules
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