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Online spreadsheet collaboration in real time using node.js. Similar to etherpad-lite but its a spreadsheet!
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Ether Sheet is a collaborative, realtime open source spreadsheet. It allows people to collaborate on spreadsheets over the internet in real time.

Join the project or see it in action at

For Users

  1. Download the latest version of ethesheet from
  2. Unpack the tarball and run the script named
  3. run npm start and navigate to localhost:8080

Verifying the package

You can verify the authenticity of the tarball by checking its signature with our gpg key. You can always find the latest signature file at and you can find our key at

For Developers

  1. Run the following command in your terminal: curl | bash
  2. copy examples/config-example.js to config.js in the EtherSheet directory
  3. edit config and put in the database name as well as the username and password


Ethersheet is only supported on linux and mysql as of right now, it's possible that it will work on windows or with postgres or some other database, but we haven't tested it on those platforms. If you want to submit a feature, send a pull request and we will look it over and accept it if it looks good.

Running tests

To run server tests run npm test in the EtherSheet server directory Simply navigate to http://localhost:8080/es_client/test/ to run client tests.

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