Swarm Đapp Examples
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Swarm Đapp Examples

In this repository, you find the source code for distributed applications (so-called đapps), the primary purpose of which is to demonstrate the use of Swarm's API and the most useful patterns of developing such applications.


A photo album dapp with a set of public-domain photographs that lets users upload their own photos. The code is based on fgallery version 1.7. All changes in the gallery are accompanied by a change in the root hash of the album. Sharing or registering the root hash corresponds to sharing and/or publishing a particular state of the photo album. This is an example of non-interactive content dissemination, with no feedback from the audience.


This is a GUI explorer for file collections hosted on swarm. An example of a tool for working on file collections other than itself. The root hash of the explorer remains the same (or changes with upgrades); the root hash of the explored collection is appended as a fragment to the URI. Of course, it can be used to explore itself.


This is a GUI tool for updating ENS domain with SWARM hash.


This html installs http protocol handlers for bzz, bzz-immutable and bzz-raw protocols.

You can either upload each example into Swarm and run it from there or run a proxy server (see below)

Running via proxy server

npm install live-server

Now run ./start-proxy <folder>. For example, to run the filemanager:

./start-proxy ./examples/filemanager