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This repository includes a basic example of a courtroom contracts suite.

The courtroom concept is based on swarm swap swear and swindle

Courtroom structure

The courtroom suite includes an abstract generic Swindle contract ,a generic Swear contract ,a specific trial rules contract and a specific witnesses contracts.

Swear contract

A contract which manages registrations and deposits for the swear game players. A player who wishes to register and/or deposit to the swear game should do that via this contract. The swear contract is accessed by the Swindle contract and is aligned with
the ABIs defined at SwearAbstract contract.

Swindle contract

This is the main general swindle contract which conducts the trial.

It calls the specific trial rules contract to get the witnesses,get the trial statuses and transitions and to check for expiry time for a specific case and trial status.

It calls the specific game witness contracts to give testimony which they do based on validating evidence previously submitted to them.

The Swindle contract is aligned with the ABIs defined at SwindleAbstract.

Witness contract

A smart contract which responsible to testimony according to a certain type of evidence which is submitted to it.

Testimony means it is doing a validation for the evidence submitted to it.

The witness contract is specific to the game which is offered by the service, which means that each service will have its own witnesses contracts.

The witness contract is accessed by the main Swear contract and is aligned with
the ABIs defined at witnessAbstract contract.

Trial rules contract

A contract which defines a specific set of rules for a game:

  • The trial statuses transitions map. A scheme which defines the transition from a certain status to the next one.
  • Grace periods for each trial status.
  • The reward which will be transferred to the plaintiff as a compensation for the case of a valid claim.

While the main Swear contract conducts a trial to resolve a specific case it iterates between different trial statuses.

This TrialRules contract is aligned with TrialRulesAbstract contract.

Reflector game

This is an example game flow for a "reflection service" A very simple basic game where the service offers to mirror the client ENS("") content on its own ENS(""). Might want to clarify that this is an example game flow for a "reflection service"

game flow

-Service provider deposits some funds in the Registrar contract to insure the service and assure potentially interested participants that they are committed to providing this service. This deposit is used for compensation allocations in valid litigation cases.

-client receives a signed promise from the service to mirror its ENS during the next X blocks.

-client updates the ENS.

If after X blocks the service ENS does not "mirror" its client ENS, the client can submit a new case for the swear contract.

As evidence,the client submits to court the signed promise it got from the service and the ENSNameHashes for both client and service.

If the case is valid, a refund + compensation will be sent to the client from the contract.


  • PromiseValidator - testify that a signed promise which was submitted to it is a valid one.
  • MirrorENS - resolves and compares two ENS entries, to check for the presence of a hash.

repository structure and files

/contracts/ -swindle.sol - Swindle contract is SwindleAbstract

-mirrorens.sol - MirrorENS contract is WitnessAbstract

-mirrorrules.sol - MirrorRules contract is TrialRulesAbstract

-promisevalidator.sol -PromiseValidator contract is WitnessAbstract

-swear.sol - Swear is SwearAbstract

-Owned.sol - Owned contract

-sampletoken.sol - SampleToken is StandardToken

-standardtoken.sol -StandardToken is Token (ERC20)

-courtroom_test.go - go contract functionality tests

/contracts/abstracts - include all abstract contracts solidity files used by this project contracts

/contracts/mirrorgame - include the automatically generated contract go binding files

/vendor - vendor dir needed for the go tests.

rebuild solidity files

go generate


go test ./contracts/ -v --run Test