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the Swarm homepage is accessible via Swarm at theswarm.eth. The page can be accessed through the public gateway on or


Swarm Orange Summit

Orange papers



Aron Fischer, Louis Holbrook, Daniel A. Nagy: Swarm Development Update - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

Viktor Trón and Aron Fischer - Swap, Swear and Swindle Games - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

sw3 London

Louis Holbrook: Resource Updates - EthCC, Paris, March 2018

Daniel A Nagy: Encryption in Swarm - EthCC, Paris, March 2018

Viktor Tron Base layer infrastructure services for web3 - EthCC, Paris, March 2018

Louis Holbrook (Ethersphere, Jaak) PSS - Node to node Communication Over Swarm - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

Daniel A Nagy - Scalable Responsive Đapps with Swarm and ENS - Devcon3 Cancun, November 2017

Aron Fischer - Data retrieval in Swarm - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Zahoor Mohamed (EF, Swarm team): Swarm Fuse Demo - Ethereum Meetup, Berlin, June 2017

Daniel Nagy: Network topology for distributed storage - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Fabian Vogelsteller - Swarm Integration in Mist - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Daniel Nagy (EF, Swarm team): Plausible Deniability (2 parts) - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Elad Verbin: Data structures and security on Swarm (2 parts) - Swarm orange summit, Berlin, June 2017

Louis Holbrook (Ethersphere, Jaak): PSS - internode messaging protocol - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Viktor Tron - Distributed Database Services - Swarm Orange Summit 2017

Viktor Tron - network testing framework and visualisation - Ethereum Meetup, Berlin, June 2017

Doug Petkanics (Livepeer): Realtime video streaming on Swarm - Swarm Orange Summit, Berlin, June 2017

Nick Johnson on the Ethereum Name System

Viktor Trón, Aron Fischer: Swap, Swear and Swindle. Swarm Incentivisation.

Viktor Trón: Towards Web3 Infrastructure.

Dániel A. Nagy: Developing Scalable Decentralized Applications for Swarm and Ethereum

Aron Fischer, Dániel A. Nagy, Viktor Trón: Swarm - Ethereum.

Viktor Trón, Nick Johnson: Swarm, web3, and the Ethereum Name Service.

Nagy Dániel, Trón Viktor: Ethereum és Swarm: okos szerződések és elosztott világháló.

Dániel Nagy: Swarm: Distributed storage for Ethereum, the Turing-complete blockchain.

Viktor Trón, Dániel A. Nagy: Swarm. Ethereum Devcon1, London, November 2015.

Dániel A. Nagy: Keeping the public record safe and accessible. Ethereum Devcon0, Berlin, December 2014.