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Roadmap 2018

We manage our roadmap in this Github project: Swarm Roadmap

See the Github issues in the project for details.

2017 and Older:

Swarm working groups 2017

As of end of August 2017, development has been streamlined into working groups: Working groups

latest dev progress for Q2 2017



Network layer rewrite

  • Kademlia 3
    • storer, relayer and light nodes
    • advertising
    • throughput based bucket size?
    • bin-based syncing

Streamer/syncer subtrack

Routing, requests and chunk delivery

  • syncer streamer request handler
  • tests, tests, tests
  • anonymous browsing
  • subscribable chunk/hash streams
  • provable data exchange - periodic signing off of root hash, see receipt with inclusion proof
  • multicast, stream broadcast with adaptive transmission channels (see swatch,
  • file push for Golem
  • delivery using PSS
  • partially specified destinations (see recipient masking and plausibility)
  • improvements by colouring and pss switchboards
  • other methods of guaranteed disjoint paths for efficient parallel routing
  • latency improvements: race for first n out of m chunks and erasure coding
  • beeline delivery using UDP?
  • non-chunk requests
    • database network protocol for index lookups -- outsourcing iteration
    • random access with provable challenge (see inclusion proof), e.g., db entries
    • entire files download from one source
    • proof of custody requests, scan and repair

PSS subtrack

  • mailbox/persistance
  • incentivised relaying based on distance the hop spans
  • mailboxes, retained
  • multicast support

SWAP subtrack

  • tit-for-tat accounting
  • also applied to PSS messages
  • sending cheques
  • allow user with 0 ether to participate - chequebook deployment swap = setting up wallet as payment
  • transaction and cheque signing automatic - authorised

BZZ protocol spec docs

Network testing, simulation and visualisation framework

  • support for syncer/request/connectivity/discovery tests tests tests
  • network contention/throughput modelling
  • mock chunk storage and syncing
  • implement remote node monitoring adapter
  • model network latency and failures
  • visualiser improvements


  • API consolidation
  • commit style multistep manifest manipulation using non-synced flag
  • multihash/multiformat ? hash and manifest preamble,
  • add resolver endpoint to http API
  • de-re and de dicto defaults
  • irregular files
  • manifest skeleton
  • obfuscation support
  • swarmignore file
  • per-directory indexes
  • resource update notifications (push and pull) mutability support (sub-block ENS)

Storage layer rewrite

Database/Hash format track

Localstore: Memory store, DB store, Netstore rewrite

  • db store reorg and sync db
  • chunk marking:
    • retained: marked not to be removed - future its set upon determining insurance expiry. E.g., self-insurance to protect against GC
    • local: not sent to the swarm. E.g., intermediate manifests before 'commit'
    • synced but not itself entering PO hash stream, e.g., the PO stream itself (to avoid spurious infinite db growth) or cached forwarded query responses
    • cached: garbage collection will affect these but when deleted (and insured), enter PO stream?

localstore rewrite

chunker hooks

  • chunker concurrency control

  • backend for progress bar

  • chunk encryption for privacy: symmetric keccak-feistel cypher

  • shannonian obfuscation for plausible deniability

  • n out of m race hook for chunk level erasure coding

  • mock chunk storage and light (payloadless) syncing for network simulations

  • higher level design for hooks API etc (POC4 preparation), then implement those for POC3

  • POC3 feature change suggestion by @nagydani: chunk encryption in POC3, obfuscation in POC4

  • syncer interaction

    • deliveries (reverse flow) should not enter syncpool even when GC-ed
    • synced flag - put to local storage only - no syncing (commit style multistep manifest manipulation)
    • protected chunks expiry indexing (POC4 preparation)

Obfuscation, encryption and transcoding track

  • context
    • plausible deniability
    • end-to-end encryption
    • anchoring proof of custody
    • outsourcing restricted access
  • obfuscation
    • using symmetric per-chunk XOR (salt?)
    • spec out obfuscator pool and select strategy
    • parallel iteration in chunker
  • double/triple masking save under Hash(Hash(Chunk))
  • proof of custody
    • implement CRASH/SMASH proof of custody using plain pss
  • encryption support for privacy with keccak-feistal blockcypher

Contracts/solidity track

SW3 games (POC4 preparation)

  • swap, swear and swindle implement as per 3rd orange paper
    • abstract courtroom contract suite
    • standard library of witness contracts (templates)
    • standard library for provable data exchange, finger pointing
    • base contracts (i keep a secret, release secret sequence, i aggregate your data, certified delivery, promise, * chequebook, payment channels, soft channel deposits, subscription etc)
    • updateable, owned by whom
  • go API for litigation support (finger pointing)


POC roadmap

POC 0.3

  • pyramid chunker and Binary Merkle Tree Hash for chunk hash (done)
  • FUSE support (done)
  • full FS support for manifests (done)
  • pss messaging (done)
  • network layer rewrite 1: kademlia, discovery, hive (nearly done)
  • network layer rewrite 2: streamer, syncer, request handler
  • network layer rewrite 3: colored kademlia for storer/relayer nodes
  • light modes of operation
  • encryption for privacy protection
  • SWAP rewrite and bootstrapping chequebook, on by default
  • manifest support

POC 0.4

  • erasure coding for efficient client-side configurable redundancy
  • smash/crash proof of custody
  • swear/swindle incentives for storage insurance
  • obfuscation for plausible deniability
  • stream/multicast
  • POT and db support



  • network simulation
    • visualiser - Fabio
      • node/connection removal
      • edge length reflects proximity order of peer connection
      • kademlia table display (polling nodes endpoint with id as payload) on select
    • scenario test driver - Lewis
    • remote docker adaptor - Aron
  • network layer rewrite
  • Database and chunker
    • pyramid chunker, append and inifite stream - Fabio
    • binary merkle trie hash 32-byte segment inclusion - Oren
  • API/FS
    • importer - Louis
    • FUSE RW - Zahoor
    • encryption - Dani
  • Plausible deniability
    • obfuscation spec - Nagy Dani (+ Elad)
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