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@rolong rolong released this Jan 4, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

Geth 2.0.5 is our main release

  • In 2.0.5 release, we pay much attention in P2P node discovery protocol, to improve the peer discovery algorithm so the peers will be more easier to be connected each other.
  • Meanwhile, improve the robustness of the whole network, short the mean block generating time to 1-1.5 second.
  • Enable the mine, as the start up parameters more acceptable.
  • Support Golang 1.11.4

Bug fixed

  • support Golang 1.11.4 (28).
  • Enable --mine in command line (16).

When your nodes are too slow for syncing the latest block number, just please clear your geth/chaindata file, it may take less time for your nodes finish syncing to the latest block number of your node.

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