Could not connect to the database. Please check the config file. #119

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Setup Check

Operating system: *nix
Backend database: MySQL
PHP version:


PHP function display_errors: Disabled
PHP function safe_mode: Disabled
PHP function allow_url_include: Enabled
PHP function allow_url_fopen: Enabled
PHP function magic_quotes_gpc: Disabled
PHP module php-gd: Installed

reCAPTCHA key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Writable folder /var/www/html/dvwa/hackable/uploads/: Yes)
Writable file /var/www/html/dvwa/external/phpids/0.6/lib/IDS/tmp/phpids_log.txt: Yes

NOTE-Jack does not know how to fix this because i went to the comments and people were having the same issue and he didn't know how to help/ or didn't reply at all.

Solutions tried (Nothing has worked
Set 'db_password' ] '';
Changed 'db_server' ] = 'localhost' ; as well as tried
Changing port to 3306
adding port to like;3306

Please help been trying multiple things nothing is working ;(

@BubbleZZ BubbleZZ changed the title from Could not connect to the database. to Could not connect to the database. Please check the config file. Dec 13, 2016

Please provide the latest entries in error.log and access.log from whatever web server you're using (it looks like the tutorial is Linux so if it's apache2, it's under /var/log/apache2/error.log & access.log if I recall) and provide it here.


Also send the results of logging in to the database using the username and password you are putting into the config file, i.e. if you are using root and no password in the config file, use the mysql command line client to connect using those creds to prove that they work.

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