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Store WordPress session tokens in Redis rather than the usermeta table. Requires the Redis PECL extension.
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Store WordPress user session tokens in Redis rather than the usermeta table. Requires PECL Redis library.

Requires WordPress 4.0, which should be released soon but isn’t currently suitable for production sites. In the meantime, everything is subject to change.


  • Erick Hitter


  1. Install and configure Redis. There is a good tutorial here.
  2. Install the Redis PECL module.
  3. Activate the plugin network-wide or by placing it in mu-plugins.
  4. By default, the script will connect to Redis at See the Connecting to Redis section for further options.

Connecting to Redis

By default, the plugin uses and 6379 as the default host and port when creating a new client instance; the default database of 0 is also used. Three constants are provided to override these default values.

Specify WP_REDIS_USER_SESSION_HOST, WP_REDIS_USER_SESSION_PORT, and WP_REDIS_USER_SESSION_DB to set the necessary, non-default connection values for your Redis instance.

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