ProcessMaker for Drupal 8
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ProcessMaker for Drupal 8


In order to install this module, you would install it just as you would any other Drupal 8 module.


To configure it to work with the ProcessMaker REST API, you need to go to the user profile after you install it and add your credentials and OAuth application information for your ProcessMaker instance. After you add the info to your user profile, it should connect to ProcessMaker!

Connecting to ProcessMaker

You can use the settings defined to connect to a demo instance of ProcessMaker.

Username: demouser

Password: 12345


Client Secret: 68411859553e19b5bde85a7056779662

Scope: view_processes edit_processes

If you want to connect to your own ProcessMaker 3.0, you will need to follow the wiki steps outlined here: REST API Documentation.

You can download the BETA version of ProcessMaker 3.0 from ProcessMaker SourceForge Repo.

##What's Inside?

It's all native Drupal 8 stuff. The only thing I use outside of it is Bootstrap 3.


If you like the module and want to improve upon it, please feel free to reach out to me to help make this module better. It is only a Proof of Concept right now with some basic functionality.

Tinker around with it, fork it, break it, enjoy it!


If you need any help with it, you can reach out to me on the #processmaker IRC channel at freenode or on twitter @ethnp.

If you are looking for more information about ProcessMaker BPMS please contact