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Anybody is welcome to commit to this Github repository if they have a smart contract idea that helps us build the Operating System for Ethscape's decentralised polity.

However, only if we go beyond the creation of an open-source code repository of smart contracts, meritorious as this may be, and achieve sovereign status will Ethscape prove its value in the real world.   Our ultimate product therefore has to be a country, in the tradition of other nation building projects but without the fatal flaw of terrestrial territory.

That is why we work on Ethereum as the only “sovereign-grade”, censorship-resistant public chain fit for our purpose. 

This is also why we hope we can appeal to all members of the Ethereum developer community who are looking for more political fulfilment in their development work, as well as members of the international law community who are challenged by the idea of a first-of-its-kind sovereign polity on blockchain without territory, tax or fiat money.

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