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Using EthVPN

EthVPN is a marketplace where Shadowsocks servers (proxies) are matched with shadowsocks clients (you).

As a client, you must:

1. Get some of the digital currency "ether".

Ether (ETH) is the digital currency through which you'll make payments. You can get ether from coinbase. If you use our link and buy $100 of ETH you'll get $10 in bitcoin! Even if you don't use the proxy much, hold onto that ether, I hear it's going up!

2. Install a Shadowsocks client for your platform

First, install the ShadowSocks client. A list of clients is here. If you use iOS, we personally like Waterdrop.

3. Choose your proxy

Now you access Ethereum.

4. Pay your chosen proxy

Here is where you pay in Ether.

5. Connect to your chosen proxy

This is where you set your local proxy settings.