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whizzit - StackOverflow with a bounty

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StackOverflow is any developer's best friend and if you encounter a problem somewhere there's always a person that's solved it before you. But there is no incentive for the expert to answer the problem on Stack, so we set out to change that.

What it does

StackOverflow with a bounty! Earn some money for your skill and pay back those tuition fees

How we built it

A user submits a question using a google doc and transfers the bounty to a holding account, once the payment is detected his question is up and hosted on our front end. When the expert sees the question a chat is started between the expert and the beginner, and as the answering is taking place the beginner releases the funds and both sides are happy by the end of it.

We handle all the legwork in the background so you can just focus on writing some good code!

Challenges we ran into

Some of the major challenges we ran into were:

  • How to use rocket chat to release funds to the expert in stages
  • Add event listeners to Google Forms
  • Trigger MetaMask transactions on submitting the Google Form

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Basically all the challenges we ran into were solved in the end

What we learned

We got a head-start to development with Solidity. Lot's of new API: Rocket Chat API, Google Sheets API and lot's of other API's that we didn't actually use but the read the docs for

What's next for Whizzit

Publish it maybe?

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