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ROS packages pertaining to the ABB YuMi (IRB 14000) robot
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Urdf & Gazebo files for the ABB YuMi (IRB 14000) robot


This package depends on ros-industrial which is not released on kinetic yet. So skip step 2 if you have already install ros-industrial.

Step 1

Install all of these:

sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-control-toolbox ros-kinetic-controller-interface ros-kinetic-controller-manager ros-kinetic-joint-limits-interface ros-kinetic-transmission-interface ros-kinetic-moveit-core ros-kinetic-moveit-planners ros-kinetic-moveit-ros-planning

Step 2

Build the industrial_core package from source. To do that, clone OrebroUniversity's fork of the package from: into your ros workspace and run catkin_make.

Step 3

If your industrial_core is in a different workspace, source the workspace containing industrial_core. Finally, catkin_make the workspace containing the clone of this package.

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