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Python Code for Lecroy WaveSurfer 24MXs (Ethernet)


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Python Code for Lecroy WaveSurfer 24MXs (Ethernet)

license - BSD language - python category - power electronics status - unmaintained

This Python class remote controls the Lecroy WaveSurfer 24MXs over ethernet:

  • connect to the device
  • set up the channels
  • control the trigger
  • download a screenshot
  • download the waveform data

This class:

  • uses the "VXI-11" ethernet instrument control protocol
  • was tested on "MS Windows" but should run with Linux
  • should also be easy to adapt to other Lecroy scopes
  • was tested with Python 2.7 but should run with Python 3.x

This class is meant as a lightweight code to be used as a "code snippet" and not as a full package. Be careful, the Lecroy instruction are messy and incoherent between the scope models.

This tool is developed by the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich and is available under the BSD License. The code is also available on the ETH Data Archive.


  • Thomas Guillod, ETH Zurich, Power Electronic Systems Laboratory - GitHub Profile


  • This project is licensed under the BSD License, see
  • This project is copyrighted by: (c) 2020, ETH Zurich, Power Electronic Systems Laboratory, T. Guillod.


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