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Arc Limon Icon Theme

Note: This is still unfinished. It may not work as expected in some cases.

At the moment this theme mainly includes icons for folders and mimetypes.


This theme doesn't provide application icons, it needs another icon theme to inherit them. By default this theme will look for the Moka icon theme to get the missing icons. If Moka is not installed it will use the Gnome icon theme as fallback. To change the application icons, edit ArcLimon/index.theme and replace Moka with the name of your preferred icon theme

For example, if you like the Faenza icon theme, change

[Icon Theme]
Comment=Arc Limon Icon theme


[Icon Theme]
Comment=Arc Limon Icon theme


Installation via autotools:

git clone --depth 1 && cd arc-limon-icon-theme
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

Alternatively you may copy the ArcLimon folder to ~/.icons or to /usr/share/icons for system-wide use.



sudo make uninstall

from the same directory as this README resides in, or

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/ArcLimon

License: GPLv3

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