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A crude but easily customizable tts engine
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SentenceMixer is a simple TTS engine which was made so voices are easy to create. It uses the same techniques as sentence-mixing in Youtube Poops. Work in progress. A sample french voice ("boule", from famous french ytp source la boule magique) is provided.

It expects espeak (for word-to-phoneme translation) and sox (for audio output) to be installed.


First build with mvn package.

Then launch java -jar target/sentencemixer-*.jar <voice>. The program reads sentences to be spoken from its standard input.

Creating voices

The exact voice format is subject to change.

A voice consists a directory containing two files : an audio file (<voice>.wav), and a markers file (<voice>.txt). The markers file is created audacity : First, import the desired audio file in audacity, then annotate every spoken word needed using a marker track. Then export the marker track to voice.txt.

You can use boule.aup as an example.


The search algorithm (Voice::findBestCandidates) is not correct, because the correct one is supposedly too slow. The one provided is good enough®

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