Automatic SEO-friendly HTTP 301 redirects if the URL of a model changes.
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django-historylinks provides automatic SEO-friendly HTTP 301 redirects if the URL of a registered model changes.


  • Tracks old URLs associated with a model and provides 301 redirects to the new URL.
  • Simple one-line registration for each model.


Please read the Getting Started guide for more information.

Download instructions, bug reporting and links to full documentation can be found at the main project website.

You can keep up to date with the latest announcements by joining the django-historylinks discussion group.

More information

The django-historylinks project was developed by Dave Hall. You can get the code from the django-historylinks project site.

Dave Hall is a freelance web developer, based in Cambridge, UK. You can usually find him on the Internet in a number of different places: