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-HTML5 video for everyone!
HTML5 video tags make embedding videos into documents as easy as embedding an
image. All it takes is a single <video> tag. Unfortunately, not all browsers
natively support HTML5 video tags.
-Enabling video tags in all major browsers
+## Enabling video tags in all major browsers
To enable HTML5 video tags in all major browsers, simply paste the following
code into the <head> of your document:
@@ -21,24 +17,22 @@ This will allow you to embed videos into your document using the following easy
You can see this code in action at:
- *
Please read our Getting Started guide for more information:
- *
-Help! My video won't play!
+## Help! My video won't play!
It's probably encoded incorrectly. Videos should always be saved as h.264 (mp4),
or Theora (ogv) files. Find out more on our Video Formats page:
- *
-What's in the box?
+## What's in the box?
The html5media project consists of a single, minified Javascript file that is
used to detect your browser's HTML5 video capabilities. Any video tags than
@@ -47,7 +41,7 @@ cannot be played are dynamically replaced with a Flash video player.
The bundled Flash video player is provided by Flowplayer under the GPL3 licence.
Find out more about Flowplayer at their website:
- *
If you keep all the html5media files in the same folder, and it should all work
just fine. If you move the flowplayer.swf and flowplayer.controls.swf files to
@@ -58,19 +52,18 @@ following javascript commands:
$.html5media.flowplayerControlsSwf = "/path/to/your/flowplayer.controls.swf";
-More information
+## More information
The html5media project was developed by Dave Hall, and is hosted on Google Code
at the following URL:
- *
Dave Hall is a freelance web developer, based in Cambridge, UK. You can usually
find him on the Internet in a number of different places:
- *
- *
- *
- *

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