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qgis python plugin to loop over visible layers
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This QGis plugin allows for layers or groups to be displayed in a loop.

The plugin interface is a small dock widget which should appear in the left dock when the plugin is activated.

The "Select Group" selection allows to define the source for the layers to loop.
Select <Visible Layers> to select visible layers (the ones checked in the Layers legend).
Select <Root> to use the top-level items (layers or groups) in the Layers legend.
If there are any groups in the layers legend, these should appear in the selector.
Currently the selector is not refreshed automatically, so use the Refresh button when needed. 

Select the loop delay in seconds.

The Controls are Play/Pause, Stop, Next.


- fix nested group handling - nested groups are added to loop list unnecessarily
- use one-shot timers instead of programmed one
- create rendering/canvas cache for each loop, instead of rendering each time 
  - is this possible with qgis api?
  - maybe not necessary when layer caching is activated (show warning if not activated)
- update valuetool values when looping

- update the groups list and relations automatically (patches in my QGis repos. fix this)
  - get this pulled to qgis
- modify qgis so new groups have unique names (group1,group2,...) - done in my repos.
- is there a way to add a context menu item to the legend to call this tool?

- check redraw of vector layers when user changes visibility in the layers legend (control rendering order?)
- check blank page when looping over groups with vector layers

- icons are from Fatcow "Farm-Fresh Web Icons" CC3 licence (
- refresh button from qgis

0.1    initial release
0.1.1  add missing files
0.1.2  added README ; Makefile fixes
0.2.0  2012/03/15
       - freeze canvas before changing layer visibility 
       - add auto-update of groups (reqs. QGis fixes) 
       - add status bar
       - keep group selection when updating group selector
       - check for duplicate group names
       - update UI stretching behaviour when docked
0.3.0  2012/03/16
       - workaround for lack of signals in legendInterface: update group info on enterEvent()
       - remove refresh button and alert the user if selection is outdated on play (both are prob. not needed)
       - fix canvas not redrawn in qgis 1.7.4 after thaw
       - do not update canvas when main window is inactive or if the dock is hidden
       - add forward button, which can invert the loop direction
       - allow delay=0, only use forward and back buttons to show next item
       - update UI
       - change loop widget to a QWidget and nest into an ordinary QDockWidget, remove "save location" stuff
0.3.1  2012/03/16
       - UI tweaks: change buttons to QToolButtons and remove frames, add spacers in all directions
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