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misc: added help text to easybuild.bat

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rmarquis committed Jan 9, 2020
1 parent 06fdd43 commit 8a11eac27b863bd58c1cbd9641b5639a0f8182f7
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  1. +18 −2 easybuild.bat
@@ -29,8 +29,24 @@ REM SET platform_toolset=-T v142
set i=0
IF NOT "%1"=="" (
IF /I "%1"=="--help" (
ECHO Write some help text here....
IF /I "%1"=="-help" (
ECHO ET Legacy Easy Builder Help
ECHO ===============================
ECHO clean - clean up the build
ECHO build - run the build process
ECHO package - run the package process
ECHO install - install the game into the system
ECHO download - download assets
ECHO crust - run the uncrustify to the source
ECHO project - generate the project files for your platform
ECHO release - run the entire release process
ECHO open - open explorer to game path
ECHO help - print this help
ECHO Properties
ECHO -64, -debug, -mod, -noupdate, -noextra, -nor2, -generator [generator], -toolset [version] -build_dir [dir]
) ELSE IF /I "%1"=="-64" (
SET build_64=1

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