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qcommon: Fix MAX_PATCH_PLANES error on same maps

 Maps which have a lot of patches may hit the MAX_PATCH_PLANES limit when the client is compiled using SIMD instructions. This results from slightly less precision being used in intermediate calculations compared to the x87 FPU.

 The tolerance values for matching planes has been increased ever so slightly to account for this loss of precision.
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xycaleth authored and IR4T4 committed Sep 26, 2015
1 parent 0a0b12a commit da2e0fd4312aa8a79f99bb2f0c8f594faf638eaa
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/qcommon/cm_patch.c
@@ -497,8 +497,8 @@ static patchPlane_t planes[MAX_PATCH_PLANES];
static int numFacets;
static facet_t facets[MAX_FACETS];

#define NORMAL_EPSILON 0.0001
#define DIST_EPSILON 0.02
#define NORMAL_EPSILON 0.00015
#define DIST_EPSILON 0.0235


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