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Welcome to the ET:Legacy wiki!

ET: Legacy

Everything you need to know about ET: Legacy

AboutFAQDownloadPath and File StructureCompatible Mods


Building instructions, coding manuals and everything else development-related

Coding ConventionsHow to commit Your CodeChangelogLibs ChangelogLocalizationPackaging


Instructions for players who want to learn more about ET: Legacy

InstallationSet up FeaturesList of CvarsList of CommandsList of Vsays


Instructions for server owners who want to run their server with ET: Legacy

InstallationSet up FeaturesUpdating ServersLua Admin SuiteList of CvarsList of CommandsList of Lua ScriptsDynamic map vote list


Information which is particularly useful for modders, mappers and other developers

Useful LinksGame Entities and SpawnsGame LimitsMapping and TexturesPlayer modelsWeapon filesFreeTypeLua Scripting API


Legalese and extra information

CreditsHistoryLicenseOpen LetterBranding