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tmLQCD is a freely available software suite providing a set of tools to be used in lattice QCD simulations. This is mainly a HMC implementation (including PHMC and RHMC) for Wilson, Wilson Clover and Wilson twisted mass fermions and inverter for different versions of the Dirac operator. The code is fully parallelised and ships with optimisations…

Updated May 25, 2016


R package implementing analysis tools for lattice QCD

Updated Jan 15, 2014


MPI Parallel Lattice QCD contraction code package

Updated Nov 25, 2013


Lemon is an MPI parallel I/O library that is intended to allow for efficient parallel I/O of both binary and metadata on massively parallel architectures. Data is stored in the SciDAC Lattice QCD Interchange Message Encapsulation format, that allows for storing large blocks of binary data and corresponding metadata in the same file.

Updated Oct 30, 2013

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