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which xchange_ functions are actually used? #160

ggscorzato opened this Issue Oct 3, 2012 · 0 comments

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European Twisted Mass Collaboration member

llIn the code I found the following functions:

xchange_deri.c (BGL OK, non BGL OK)
xchange_field.c (non-block OK, shmem NO , naive-Sendrecv NO)
xchange_field_tslice.c (OK)
xchange_gauge.c (non-block OK, naive-Sendrec NO)
xchange_halffield.c (shmem NO, persistent NO, non-block OK, 32-shmem NO, 32-non-block NO)
xchange_c.c (non-block OK, naive-Sendrec NO)
xchange_2fields.c (non-block OK)
Where are the communications in the GPU part?!?

personally I have only used:
_deri non BGL
_field non-block
_gauge non-block
even if not used much, I would keep the naive because it is good to have a simple version.

Please add your own


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