A Vim plugin for EPUB edition.
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A Vim plugin for EPUB edition. Released under GNU GPL 3 (check LICENSE file).

With Vim, you can already edit an epub file and modify it's content, and save, and so on.

But the EPUB file is read-only: you can't add files and do many other things.

vim-epub is here to make you free of stupid tasks like extracting the EPUB, add the file you want to add, recompress in 2-steps the EPUB, re-open Vim.


Supported operating systems


  • BSDs
  • Mac OS
  • GNU/Linux distributions

And Windows?

Short version: Vim-EPUB can’t work under Microsoft Windows.

Long version: See here.


You need a copy of Vim compiled with python support.

Needed programs

You need the unzip programm in order to make zip.vim (built-in) work. It is frequently installed by default on newbies distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint…

In Debian-like GNU/Linux distributions:

sudo apt-get install unzip

You also needs pandoc programm.


sudo apt-get install pandoc

Plugin managers


  • Add Bundle 'etnadji/vim-epub' or Bundle 'https://github.com/etnadji/vim-epub' to .vimrc
  • Run :BundleInstall


  • git clone https://github.com/etnadji/vim-epub ~/.vim/bundle/vim-epub


  • Add NeoBundle 'https://github.com/etnadji/vim-epub' to .vimrc
  • Run :NeoBundleInstall


  • Add Plug 'https://github.com/etnadji/vim-epub' to .vimrc
  • Run :PlugInstall

Notable features

  • Adding medias (XHTML, CSS, fonts, images…)
  • Add a Table of contents page.
  • Provide a menu to easily link XHTML and CSS contents.
  • Merge, rename files embedded in the EPUB
  • Check the differences between the current EPUB and another.

And more:

The full list of features / commands is available on the wiki or doc files (en /fr): :help vim-epub.txt or :help vim-epub-french.txt


See TODO.md.