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*** NOTE: eldap IS NOW PART OF R15B ***
(i.e no development should be made here anylonger)


This is 'eldap', the Erlang LDAP library.

It exports an API that can do all possible operations
you may want to do against an LDAP server. The code has
been tested to work at some point, but only the bind
and search operations are running daily in our products,
so there may be bugs lurking in some parts of the code.

To just use eldap for doing authentication, do like in:

 {ok,X} = eldap:open([""], []).
 eldap:simple_bind(X, "uid=tobbe,ou=People,dc=mycorp,dc=com", "passwd").

In the doc/README.example you'll find a trace from a
Erlang shell session as an example on how to setup a
connection, authenticate (bind) and perform a search.
Note that by using the option {ssl, true}, you should
be able to setup an SSL tunnel (LDAPS) if your Erlang
system has been configured with SSL.

In the test directory there are some hints and examples
on how to test the code and how to setup and populate 
an OpenLDAP server. The 'eldap' code has been tested
agains OpenLDAP, IPlanet and ActiveDirectory servers.

If you plan to incorporate this code into your system
I suggest that you build a server/supervisor harnesk
that uses 'eldap' (as we have done in our products).

Good luck !