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Adding some missing pieces to the example in the README.

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Torbjorn Tornkvist authored
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@@ -29,13 +29,15 @@ The above will perform DISCOVER, ASSOCIATE and return the Url to
be used for CHECKID_SETUP. Note that an associate request is now
only made the first time eopenid see a new Provider. The Nitrogen
framework will send a redirect to the client, who will login
-to its Provider and (again) being returned to the *return_to*
+to its Provider and (again) being redirectd, this time to the
+*return_to* address.
At the *return_to* address we have the following code which
verifies the signed keys that the Provider sent along with the
redirect in the *returned_to* Url:
+ Dict = wf:session(eopenid_dict),
+ RawPath = wf_platform:get_raw_path(),
%% assertion
true = eopenid_v1:verify_signed_keys(RawPath, Dict),
ClaimedId = eopenid_lib:out("openid.claimed_id", Dict),
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