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Sincere thanks to all the people who have helped make Nitrogen great, including:

  • Rusty Klophaus (@rklophaus)
  • Chris Williams (@voodootikigod)
  • Joel Reymont (@wagerlabs)
  • Tom McNulty
  • Martin Scholl (@zeit_geist)
  • Dave Peticolas
  • Jon Gretar Borgthorsson (@jongretar)
  • Dan Bravender (@dbravender)
  • Taavi Talvik
  • Torbjorn Tornkvist (@kruskakli)
  • Marius A. Eriksen (@marius)
  • Michael Mullis
  • John Dragos
  • Benjamin Nortier (@bjnortier)
  • Jay Doane
  • Robert Schonberger
  • Yurii Rashkovskii (@yrashk)
  • Ville Koivula

Roughly sorted by date of contribution. Send your twitter handles to @rklophaus

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