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TYPO3 Extension Utils

I'm currently not investing very much time into Typo3ExtensionUtils. I really hope to merge back czenker's Version 2 (https://github.com/czenker/Typo3ExtensionUtils/tree/dev-2.0) at someday. In the meanwhile I'll gladly review and accept any pull requests for Typo3ExtensionUtils.

This is (or should get) a collection of CLI utilities for TYPO3 CMS Extension. Goal is to be able to do common tasks while developing extensions from the cli. All tools work without a fully functional TYPO3 installation. Actually the TYPO3 CMS core isn't needed at all for this utilities.

Installation with wget

wget http://bit.ly/t3xutils -O t3xutils.phar
chmod +x t3xutils.phar
./t3xutils.phar help

Installation with git

git clone https://github.com/etobi/Typo3ExtensionUtils.git
cd Typo3ExtensionUtils/bin/
chmod +x t3xutils.phar
./t3xutils.phar help


  • √ "check for updates" and "selfupdate"
  • √ Upload an extension by given path to the TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository)
  • √ display extension and version informations from TER
  • √ download an extension from TER as t3x
  • (coming) Delete an extension in a certain version from TER
  • (coming) Update the MD5 sums in ext_emconf.php
  • (coming) Check extension files against MD5 sums to find modified files
  • √ Extract extension from a .t3x file
  • √ Create a .t3x from a extension path
  • √ List extension files in a .t3x file



./t3xutils.phar help


# check if a new version is available
./t3xutils.phar checkforupdate

# download and install the new version
./t3xutils.phar selfupdate

Upload Extension to TER


./t3xutils.phar upload <typo3.org-username> <typo3.org-password> <extensionKey> "<uploadComment>" <pathToExtension>


./t3xutils.phar upload eTobi.de 'mySecretPassword' foobar "Minor Bugfixes and cleanup" /var/www/foobar/typo3conf/ext/foobar/

t3xutils does not increase the Version string in your ext_emconf by intention. You have to take care of that yourself.

Display TER informations about an extension

# fetch and cache TER extension metadata
./t3xutils.phar updateinfo

# Display available versions of EXT:foobar
./t3xutils.phar info foobar

# Display metadata of EXT:foobar, version 1.2.3
./t3xutils.phar info foobar 1.2.3

Fetch extension from TER

# download EXT:foobar in version 1.2.3 as .t3x file from TER
./t3xutils.phar fetch foobar 1.2.3

Extract a .t3x file

# extract the file 'foobar_1.2.3.t3x' into 'typo3conf/ext/foobar/'
./t3xutils.phar extract foobar_1.2.3.t3x typo3conf/ext/foobar/

Create a .t3x file

# create a 'foobar.t3x' file for the EXT:foobar from the content of 'typo3conf/ext/foobar'
./t3xutils.phar create foobar typo3conf/ext/foobar foobar.t3x

Show metadata from .t3x file

./t3xutils.phar showmetadata ./foobar.t3x