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CoreObject macOS and iOS INSTALL

Required software

CoreObject requires the following:

  • macOS 10.8 or higher
  • Xcode 4.6 or higher
  • libsqlite 3.7.7 or higher (included with macOS 10.8)
  • EtoileFoundation
  • UnitKit (Only required for running the test suite)

You can either get CoreObject and its dependencies from git:

git clone
git clone
git clone

(The Xcode projects require that these three repos are cloned into the same directory.)

Or, get the entire Étoilé repository, which has a script to check out CoreObject and all of the other Etoile frameworks.

Warning: There is no iOS support yet.

Build and Install

For a simple build, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose CoreObject or CoreObject (iOS) in the Scheme menu. EtoileFoundation and UnitKit will be built together with CoreObject (as workspace subprojects).

To run a simple example, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose BasicPersistence or BasicPersistence (iOS) in the Scheme menu.

For a more complex demo, open Samples/ProjectDemo/ProjectDemo.xcodeproj and choose ProjectDemo in the Scheme menu.

Framework Installation

We don't recommend installing frameworks on macOS, but if you want to, the following shell command will install CoreObject.framework in /Library/Frameworks:

sudo xcodebuild -scheme CoreObject -configuration Release clean install DSTROOT=/Library INSTALL_PATH=/Frameworks

Note: By default, INSTALL_PATH is set to @rpath and DSTROOT to the project directory.

iOS support

To build a CoreObject-based application, include CoreObject.xcodeproject in your project's workspace, then include the CoreObject/English.lproj directory content among your project resources, and link libCoreObject.a and its dependencies:

  • libSystem.dylib
  • libsqlite3.dylib
  • Foundation.framwework
  • CoreGraphics.framework
  • UIKit.framework

You are now ready to use CoreObject by importing CoreObject.h as you would usually:

#import <CoreObject/CoreObject.h>

For a concrete example, check BasicPersistence (iOS) target.

Test suite

Note: If you have the entire Etoile repository, UnitKit is built together with CoreObject (as a workspace subproject).

To produce a test bundle and run the test suite, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose TestCoreObject or TestCoreObject (iOS) in the Scheme menu.

In addition, the Xcode project includes a benchmark suite built as a test bundle. To run it, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose BenchmarkCoreObject in the Scheme menu.


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