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*? KUMO-GATEWAY "1" "July 2009" "kumo-gateway"
kumo-gateway -m <addr[:port]> -p <addr[:port]> [-t port] [-b port] [-c port]
''kumo-gateway'' receives requests from applications and relays it to the kumo-servers.
Run this daemon on the hosts that runs applications that uses kumofs.
::?-m <addr[:port=19700]> --manager1
::=address of manager 1
::?-p <addr[:port=19700]> --manager2
::=address of manager 2
::?-lc --local-cache
::=local cache (Tokyo Cabinet abstract database)
::?-t <[addr:]port=11411> --memproto-text
::=memcached text protocol listen port
::?-b <[addr:]port=11511> --memproto-binary
::=memcached binary protocol listen port
::?-c <[addr:]port=11611> --cloudy
::=asynchronous memcached binary protocol listen port
::?-F --memproto-save-flag
::=save flags on memcached text protocol
::?-As --async-replicate-set
::=send response without waiting replication on set
::?-Ad --async-replicate-delete
::=send response without waiting replication on delete
::?-G <number=5> --get-retry
::=get retry limit
::?-S <number=20> --set-retry
::=set retry limit
::?-D <number=20> --delete-retry
::=delete retry limit
::?-rn <number=4> --renew-threshold
::=hash space renew threshold
::?-k <number=2> --keepalive-interval
::=keepalive interval in seconds
::?-Ys <number=1> --connect-timeout
::=connect timeout time in seconds
::?-Yn <number=4> --connect-retry-limit
::=connect retry limit
::?-Ci <number=2> --clock-interval
::=clock interval in seconds
::?-TW <number=2> --write-threads
::=number of threads for asynchronous writing
::?-TR <number=4> --read-threads
::=number of threads for asynchronous reading
::?-o <path.log> --log
::=output logs to the file
::?-g <path.mpac> --binary-log
::=enable binary log
::?-v --verbose
::?-d <> --daemon
[on cli1 ]$ kumo-gateway -v -m mgr1 -p mgr2 -t 11211 -As -Ad &br;
[localhost]$ kumo-gateway -v -m localhost -t 11211 -d
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