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This image is DEPRECATED/DEAD.

See for a newer image with a proper process manager.


Full documentation for this project can be found here:

We also have a development container:

Lightweight WordPress PHP7 PHP-FPM7 & Nginx Docker Production Image

Lightweight Docker image for the (latest) PHP-FPM and Nginx to run WordPress based on AlpineLinux

  • Image size only ~131MB !
  • Very new packages (alpine:edge) 2016-07-21:
    • PHP 7.0.13
    • Nginx nginx/1.10.2
    • Memory usage is around 50mb on a simple install.

A simple example

Say you want to run a single site on a VPS with Docker

mkdir -p /data/sites/

sudo docker run -e, -v /data/sites/ -p 80:80 etopian/alpine-php-wordpress

The following user and group id are used, the files should be set to this: User ID: Group ID:

chown -R 100:101 /data/sites/

Say you want to run a multiple WP sites on a VPS with Docker

sudo docker run -p 80:80 etopian/nginx-proxy
mkdir -p /data/sites/

sudo docker run -e, -v /data/sites/ etopian/alpine-php-wordpress

mkdir -p /data/sites/
sudo docker run -e, -v /data/sites/ etopian/alpine-php-wordpress

Populate /data/sites/ and /data/sites/ with your WP files. See if you need help on how to configure your database.

The following user and group id are used, the files should be set to this: User ID: Group ID:

chown -R 100:101 /data/sites/

Volume structure

  • htdocs: Webroot
  • logs: Nginx/PHP error logs


This image now includes WP-CLI baked in... So you can. Please su nginx before executing or else you can potentially compromise your host.

docker exec -it <container_name> bash
su nginx
cd /DATA/htdocs
wp-cli cli


For each multisite you need to give the domain as the -e VIRTUAL_HOST parameter. For instance,,, ... if you wish to add more sites you need to recreate the container.

Upload limit

The upload limit is 2 gigabyte.

Change php.ini value

modify files/php-fpm.conf

To modify php.ini variable, simply edit php-fpm.ini and add php_flag[variable] = value.

php_flag[display_errors] = on

Additional documentation on

Questions or Support

Docker WordPress Control Panel

DEVOPly is a free hosting control panel which does everything taught in this tutorial automatically and much more, backups, staging/dev/prod, code editor, Github/Bitbucket deployments, DNS, WordPress Management.


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