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A twisted-based XMLRPC and SSL server. Developed by Calgary-based web design and web development experts, Etopian Inc.
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This project has not been updated and does not work, use this instead:

What I needed to do to get this to work

  • Install Twisted
  • Install Zope Interfaces
  • Install pyOpenSSL
  • Install web2 from Twisted: (either from svn or for the Web2 package) svn co svn:// Twisted
  • Move web2 into twisted
  • Make salted hash password (salt is the last 2 characters of the password) from crypt import crypt password = 'mypass' crypt(password, password[-2:]) #(use the last two characters as the salt)
  • Add username/password to httpspass.conf
  • Create a Twisted Client from twisted.web.xmlrpc import Proxy from twisted.internet import reactor

    def printValue(value): print repr(value) reactor.stop()

    def printError(error): print 'error', error reactor.stop()

    proxy = Proxy('https://%s:%s@localhost:9870' % ('myfancyusername', 'ohmygod')) proxy.callRemote('echo', 'hello, im echoing this').addCallbacks(printValue, printError)

  • Start the server: twistd -y
  • Test the client: python
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