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New Features

  • ScoobiApp trait for making scoobi apps even easier
  • Single import import com.nicta.scoobi.Scoobi._
  • IO support for avro
  • Sequence files automatically convert to/from writable
  • Distributed Objects and DList reduction methods (e.g. reduce, product, min, etc.)
  • Testing support
  • Matrix and vector extensions


  • All methods of Scoobi object are now in Conf object
  • DList.use(x: DObject) has been removed as part of a complete redesign of Distributed Objects
  • To avoid hiding the scala types, the TextInput pattern matcher helpers have been renamed: Int to AnInt, Float to AFloat, Double to ADouble, Long to ALong.


  • New website and User Guide
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Improvements in optimizer
  • MSCR now imposes less overhead on objects that need no fusion
  • Join/coGroup API cleaned up, and performance improved
  • Better support for other filesystems such as S3
  • Refactoring of data input and output APIs making user extensions easier to add

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