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1. update the gh pages and modify the versions (new version and next snapshot)
2. review the posterous notes
3. create the user guide
4. copy the user guide to the gh-pages
5. create the scaladoc
6. copy the scaladoc to the gh-pages
7. use the release plugin to
- set the version to next number
- test/publish the jars
- publish the posterous notes
- tag the released version
8. push the new version (check "include tags")
9. create a new specs2 branch for the next SNAPSHOT
10. publish the gh pages
11 set the specs2-test project version
12. tag and push the new version (check "include tags")
13. create a new snapshot branch
14. download the test-project and test it
15. close the milestone on github and create a new one
16. change the default branch on github
17. send a message on the scala-announce mailing-list
18. send a message on the twitter account
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