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@etorreborre etorreborre released this 02 Oct 16:19
· 761 commits to main since this release

Dependency-free version!

specs2-core is finally dependency-free and doesn't need to be built for various versions of Scalaz.
specs2-core is also now available for Scala.js

See the blog post for more information.


  • project dropped the support for Scala 2.10
  • core removed the dependency on Scalaz, there is now a specs2-fp module implementing a small amount of FP concepts
    to support the internal implementation of specs2 itself
  • scalaz moved DisjunctionMatchers and ValidationMatchers to that module
  • scalaz dropped the support for scalaz 7.0


  • introduced a org.specs2.specification.Retries trait extending AroundEach to retry each example
  • introduced org.specs2.specification.core.OwnEnv/OwnExecutionEnv traits to isolate the execution environments of
    some specifications
  • added addSections to "unit" specifications to enclose each block with section markers and allow it to be selected
    with include on the command line
  • form display the actual value instead of the expected one for a Prop (this might be revisited in the future)


  • fixed the execution with stopOnXXX arguments for a sequential spec
  • core the Result.foreach method must stop evaluating elements if there is an issue