@etorreborre etorreborre released this Dec 1, 2017 · 107 commits to master since this release

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Maintenance version


  • core better display of failure messages for sets


  • core fixed the reporting of times when using sequential or skipAll
  • scalacheck fixed the reporting of scalacheck failures when using ThrownExpectations a duplicate "Failed after" message was reported on top of the actual message
  • html remove ansi colors in Text when reported to html
  • guide scalaz dependency is not mandatory since version 4.0.0 (thanks to kenji yoshida)
  • core fixed ErrorOrOkOps.toErrorFullMessage (thanks to Shunsuke Otani)
  • html specify charset when writing files (thanks to Andreas Flierl)
  • html handle Windows file paths like Unix paths (thanks to Andreas Flierl)
  • core simplify expressions by using Either.left (thanks to Shunsuke Otani)
  • core avoid unnecessary conversions (thanks to João Costa)
  • core fix multiple typos (thanks to João Costa)
  • website fixed the link for the release notes
  • website fixed the integration spec on the website