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Research implementation of cryptographic accumulators
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Cryptographic Accumulators

This project is a library providing an implementation of RSA Accumulators (as described by Baric and Pfitzmann) and Bilinear-Map Accumulators (as described by Lan Nguyen). A description of both types of accumulators, as well as some insight into my implementation decisions, can be found in my undergraduate thesis.


This project depends on FLINT 2.5.2, which in turn depends on GMP >= 5.1.1 and MPFR >= 3.0. If you're running a recent Ubuntu system, these can all be installed automatically with

sudo apt-get install libflint-dev

It also depends on the DCLXVI library, for the elliptic-curve operations needed by the Bilinear Map Accumulator. Since this is not in any package manager, I've bundled it in the ext directory.

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