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TITLE OF PAPER: 60 Minutes of MacPython
URL OF PRESENTATION: _URL_of_powerpoint_presentation_ PRESENTED BY: Bob Ippolito REPRESENTING: _name_of_the_company_they_represent_
CONFERENCE: PyCON 2004 DATE: 20040326 LOCATION: _venue_and_room_in_venue_
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Do you really care that you are using a Macintosh?
What is MacPython
Python from CVS on Mac
Tools equivalent to an Activestate python
MacPython's Past
Originally for Mac OS Classic
Guido used to own a Mac
then Jack Jansen took over
Uses WASTE for text widgets
and GUSI to act more like *NIX (from MacPerl)
Still exists but not as actively maintained
Some people are still using it
MacPython Now
Has some rough edges
Inherits the good stuff from BSD
Has many new APIs of its own
MacPython Tools
turn scripts into applications
install few packages from a central db
Allows double-clicking of .py files
Old MacOS IDE, unmaintained (written by Just van Rossum)
... all of this are being replaced (to be replaced by Cocoa alternatives)
How do I get it?
OS X 10.2
Don't use Apple Python 2.2.0
Get MacPython-Jaguar 2.3
OS X 10.3
Please use Apple Python 2.3.0
... and don't install any other Python
may work if you don't install it (need to set ENV list)
Adding another Python tends to screw things up
Also get the MacPython-Addons
MacPython IDEs
Python syntax highlight but not much else
Working on Xcode templates to make stuff easy
Working on Xcode based debugger
PythonIDE (via MacPython addons)
no highlighting
has some debug tools
Cocoa based IDE
Code folding and syntax highlighting
very new and alpha, seems to have a future
X11 Python editors
which are ugly...
Darwin == "posix" is True
So it is BSD!
Not quite BSD
HFS+ Thinks different
case insensitive filesysetm
files can have multiple forks
Inherited from NeXT
XML property lists
Bundles and Frameworks
A documented directory structure, alternative to tarball, acts as a single file in Finder
dyld is not your average linker
Just let distutils deal with that
Tons of new APIs
Forking Files
Resource forks are Not For POSIX
POSIX layer doesn't know about Resource Forks.
You need Carbon to read forks
Chance are, you will lose.
But you can get at one if you need to:
file(filename + "../namedfork/rsrc")
Property Lists
object serialization
looks sort of like YAML
XML property list
Dictionary serializationn
Can use Apple's property list editor
APIs available
plistlib available
Load a plist, acts like a Python Dictionary
NSDictionary is another way, using PyObjC
Objective C
Portable (GNUStep uses it)
Mostly just C with [some new:syntax]
Plays nicely with Python using PyObjC
Bundles are like packages
Fixed directory structure
General purpose
Localization features baked in
Most loook like a single file in Finder
All applications should be bundles
... they need to be in order to use the GUI
Bootstrap code in MacOS Folder
Python code and resources in Resources folder
Info.plist and metadata
The way to run GUI scripts
tricks WindowServer
pretends to be running from the Python app bundle
Not useful for Cocoa applications
Standard MacPython module
Similar in purpose to py2exe or freeze
Similar in API to distutiles, but not (yet) integrated
Documented on wiki
Something better is coming soon
Other bundles
Document Bundles
Code Bundles
Apple Events
Interapplication communication
Used primarily for automation tasks
old and low level
difficult api
except from applescript or cocoa
Looks like English, but isn't!
Python and AE
gensuite module
pythonic bridge, dev on hold
closer to applescript, actively developed
a few exammples
NeXT fwks ported to OSX
ReSTedit -
restructured text editor
live preview
Zope Edit Manager
DrawBot (nifty 'cause the drawing stays vector)
in process interpreter
You can subclass an Objective C class and pass it back and Objective C doesn't know/care
Live demo
(not sure how to describe this...)
Sets up a Table in a window
Binds it to an NSArrayController
Writes a 3-liner to populate the Table with the contents of sys.modules (right?)
Cross-platform Toolkits
TkInter is buggy
Messed up colors, etc.
PyQT is buggy
Works. Somewhat.
wxPython is buggy
uses Carbon widgets
doesn't use them quite correctly
why not use Cocoa
X11 is still ugly
pygame works!
pygame Aliens
Very useful Wiki and FAQ
MacPython channel
iChat - CMD-G MacPython
Channel on AIM network
Various blogs
What's next?
New Tools
They'll work
Written in Cocoa
Using PyObjC
Q: Cross platform UI?
A: Separate UI from other code, etc. Don't use xplat UI toolkits.
Q: XCode templates when?
A: tomorrow?
Q: Does Apple help you?
A: No, not yet, but someone just joined Apple, so we expect that to change...
Q: Is the MVC the same as in NeXTStep?
A: Yes. Also WebObjects.
Q: documentation for developing GUI stuff for python
A: Objective-C docs/Xcode help/pyobjc
Q: Safari?
A: Built on C++ and Objective C using a Konqueror core. You can use their HTML widget in your code.
Q: Patching bugs in Apple 2.3.0?
A: Under discussion... Working on it.
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