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Client side software of darkroomlocator - find and share darkrooms

What is darkroom locator?

Darkroom Locator is a project born and developed thanks to analogica.it, the first Italian community dedicated to analogue photography.

It's a project completely free, non-profit and designed with the most modern and high-performance technologies available today.

What is the purpose of the project?

The aim of the project is to facilitate and encourage the meeting between no darkroom professional photographers or amateurs and analog photo enthusiasts owing a darkroom (in garage, in the attic, in the bathroom, commercial, ... )

We believe that this synergy can only be good for silver-based photography as a whole, enabling and facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge on techniques and practices related to developing and printing in the darkroom.


You can find the architecture at this [url] (http://www.pensando.it/wp/2014/06/tech/anatomia-di-una-node-js-webapp-realizzata-con-mongodb-node-js-e-backbone-js)

This post and the document is in italian

You can find RESTful api documentation at this [url] (http://docs.darkroomlocator.apiary.io/)

Tech Spec

data base - mongoDB | mongoose.js | mongoHQ

server side - node.js | express.js | heroku

client side - jquery | backbone.js | twitter bootstrap | google maps


This software is released under MIT License (MIT)

Alessandro (etrusco) De Marchi http://www.pensando.it