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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Uncomment the following lines if you want to verify rvm version per project
# rvmrc_rvm_version="1.16.16 (stable)" # 1.10.1 seams as a safe start
# eval "$(echo ${rvm_version}.${rvmrc_rvm_version} | awk -F. '{print "[[ "$1*65536+$2*256+$3" -ge "$4*65536+$5*256+$6" ]]"}' )" || {
# echo "This .rvmrc file requires at least RVM ${rvmrc_rvm_version}, aborting loading."
# return 1
# }
# Uncomment following line if you want options to be set only for given project.
# The variable PROJECT_JRUBY_OPTS requires the following to be run in shell:
# chmod +x ${rvm_path}/hooks/after_use_jruby_opts
rvm --create use jruby-1.7.19@calcentral
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