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CLC-823 Document how to timeshift data feeds

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-## Freshening fake data feeds
+## Recording fake data feeds and timeshifting them
Make sure your test.local.yml file has real connections to real external services that are fakeable (Canvas, Google, etc).
Now do:
-rake spec freshen_vcr=true
-git add fixtures/fakeable_proxy_data
-git commit -a -m "Helpful commit message"
+rake vcr:record
+rake vcr:prettify
+You can now find the prettified files in fixtures/pretty_vcr_recordings. You can edit these files to put in tokens that
+will be substituted on server startup. See config/initializers/timeshift.rb for the dictionary of substitutions. Edit
+ the debug_json property of each response, and timeshift.rb will automatically convert debug_json to the format actually
+ used by VCR.
## Rake tasks:
To view other rake task for the project: ```rake -T```

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